July 30 in Gennett History…

1926: Joe Candullo and His Everglade Orchestra recorded “Messin’ Around” in NYC.  The recording appeared on Gennett 3359, Buddy 8070, Champion 15180, Herwin 55004, Challenge 127, and Champion 15132.  The recording featured Leo McConville (?) and Leo McConville (?) (c), Ray Stillwell (?) (tb), Burt Reynolds (ss), Goof Moyer (cl/as), Gerry Salisbury (cl/sax), Frank de Carlo (p), Nick Farrara (bs), John Montesanto (bjo), Joe Candullo (v), and Ray Bauduc (?) (d).  

1927: Ruben Burns and the Short Creek Trio recorded “The Burglar Man” in Birmingham. The track appeared on Gennett 6222, Champion 15376, and Challenge 336 and featured Ruben Burns (v & bro), Charlie Ross (g), and Olen Mayes (f). 

1932: Richard Cox and His National Fiddlers recorded “East Tennessee Blues” in Richmond.  The recording appeared on Champion 16563 featured Richard Cox, Bernard F. Henson, and Frank Welling who played the guitar and fiddle. 

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