September 21st in Gennett History…

September 21st in Gennett History, 1925: Original Indiana Five recorded “I’m Goin’ Out If Lizzie Comes In” in NYC. It appeared on Gennett 3148 and Silvertone 4002. The recording featured James Christie (c), Charles Panelli (tb), Nick Vitalo (sax/cl), poss. Harry Ford (p), Tony Colucci (bjo), and Tom Morton (d). 

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September 20th in Gennett History…

September 20th in Gennett History, 1929: Blind Brother Graves and Brother recorded “I Shall Not Be Moved” in Richmond. It appeared on Paramount 12974. The recording featured Blind Roosevelt Graves (v & g), Uaroy Graves (v & tam), Baby Jay James ? (c), Will Ezell (p).

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September 19th in Gennett History…

Baileys Lucky Seven Gennett Walk of Fame Medallion

September 19th in Gennett History, 1922: Bailey’s Lucky Seven recorded “Tomorrow (I’ll Be In My Dixie Home Again)” in NYC. It appeared on Gennett 4975, Apex 461, Winner 3812, Gennett S-5036, Starr-Gennett 9298, and Westport 2117.

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September 16th in Gennett History…

September 16th in Gennett History, 1930: Ted Gossett’s String Band recorded “Fire In The Mountain” in Richmond. The recording appeared on Champion 16160, Superior 2519, and Supertone 9776. The band consisted of Earl Nossinger (g), Enos Gossett (g), Pete Woods (bjo), and Tommy Whitmer (f). Champion noted sales to Phinis Martin of 885 copies between 1931 and 1933.

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September 15th in Gennett History…

1924: William B. Houchens recorded “Wagner” in Richmond.  The solo old-time fiddling recording appeared on Gennett 5553 and Silvertone 4015. 


1925: Wilson Harper recorded “In The Evening By The Moonlight” in NYC. The recording was rejected because of “Poor Dialect” according to the ledger book. 

Wilson Harper Recording Card

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September 14th in Gennett History…

September 14th in Gennett History, 1923: Bob Royce’s Ohio State Collegians recorded “There’s Not Another Girlie” in Richmond. Unfortunately, it and another recording the made that day have not turned up anywhere. 

Bob Royce Recording Card

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September 13th in Gennett History…

Happy 165th Birthday to Starr Piano President, Henry Gennett. Gennett was born on 9/13/1852 in Nashville, TN and was the leading force in the growth of Starr Piano into an industry leader.

Henry and Alice Gennett in Hyde Park, London circa 1911

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