June 28th in Gennett History…

1927: Southern Jubilee Singers recorded “Listen To The Lambs” in St. Paul, MN. It appeared on Black Patti 8036 and Paramount 12711.


Red Nichols Gennett Walk of Fame Medallion

1965: Trumpeter and Gennett Walk of Fame inductee, Red Nichols, passed away. He recorded dozens of sides for Gennett including “Dinah” as a member of Bailey’s Lucky Seven. It appeared on Aco G-15994, Beltona 992 (American Dance Orchestra), Champion 15066 (The Seven Champions), Chantal 934 (L’Orchestre De Danse Chantal), Coliseum 1894 (Maryland Dance Band), Gennett 3243, and Guardsman 1907 (SF Dance Orchestra). 

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June 27th in Gennett History…

June 27th in Gennett History, 1929: The Hokum Boys recorded “Hokum Blues” in Richmond. It appeared on Paramount 12811 and featured Dan Roberts (g & v) and Alex Hill (p & v).

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June 5th in Gennett History…

1900: Happy 118th Birthday, Asa Martin! (6/25/1900). The 2014 Gennett Walk of Fame inductee, guitarist, Asa Martin, recorded “Jake Walk Blues” with Roy Hobbs on 4/5/1933 in Richmond. It appeared on Champion S – 16627 and Champion 45034. 


1925: Calloway’s West Virginian Mountaineers recorded “Cornshucker’s Frolic” in Richmond. The recording appeared on Gennett 6546 and Supertone 9177.  The recording featured John McGhee (g), David Miller (g), Miller Wikel (f), and Bill Charles (f).

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June 16th in Gennett History…

Baileys Lucky Seven Gennett Walk of Fame Medallion

June 16th in Gennett History, 1922: Bailey’s Lucky Seven recorded “Nobody Lied” in NYC. Cliff “Ukulele Ike” Edwards recorded kazoo and some scat vocals on this track. It appeared on Gennett 4909, Starr-Gennett 4909, Apex 471, Edison Bell Winner 3796, and Westport 3018.

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June 14th in Gennett History…

1895: Happy 123rd Birthday, Cliff “Ukulele Ike” Edwards! (6/14/1895). He recorded ‘Homesick’ with Bailey’s Lucky Seven on 9/20/1922. It appeared on Gennett 4979. The track featured Edwards (vox), poss. Phil Napoleon (c), Vincente Grande or Charlie Panelli (tb), Gus Sharpe (sax), Doc Behrendson or Johnny Costello, Gus Sharpe (cl), John Cali (bjo), and other unknown musicians. 


1929: Charley Patton recorded thirteen sides in Richmond for Paramount Records. Included in this master’s repertoire that day was “Shake It and Break It” which appeared on Paramount 12869.


Here is another super one, “Pea Vine Blues,” which appeared on Paramount 12877. 

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June 12th in Gennett History…

June 12th in Gennett History, 1929: Paul Miles and the Red Fox Chasers recorded “Makin’ Licker in North Carolina” Parts 1-4 in Richmond. Parts 1 and 2 appeared on Gennett 6886 and Supertone 9456 (as The Stone Mountain Boys). The band featured Guy Brooks, Bob Cranford, Paul Miles, and A.P. Thompson. 

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June 11th in Gennett History…

June 11th in Gennett History, 1921: Sam Moore recorded “Mother Machree (Saw Solo) in NYC. It appeared on Gennett 4747 and Starr – Gennett 9146 and featured Frank Banta on piano. Here is his Victor recording of “Mother Machree” with Horace Davis. Gennett’s 1921 catalog supplement noted Moore played “an Atkins No 64 silver steel hand saw, played with violin bow, was used on this side.” 

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