March 23 in Gennett History…

1922: Ladd’s Black Aces recorded “Satanic Blues” in NYC.  It appeared on Gennett 4856, Starr-Gennett 9230, Apex 478, Connorized 3077, and Rich-Tone 7034 and featured Phil Napoleon (tp), Moe Gappell? (tb), Doc Behrendson (cl), Frank Signorelli (pn), and Jack Roth (d). 

1927: Lillian Brown recorded “You Had It and Didn’t Want it” in Chicago.  It appeared on Gennett 6091, Black Patti 8007, and Champion 15265 (~400 sold) and featured Brown (v) and Will Brown (pn). 

1928: W. E. “Buddy” Burton recorded “Time Enough Blues” in Chicago. It appeared on Gennett 6453, Champion 15489 (Washington Thomas), and Superior 388 (unknown). The Champion side sold ~400 copies in 1928 and ’29. Burton was the singer and pianist. 

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