March 24 in Gennett History…

1922: Ray Miller and his Orchestra recorded “Canary Isle” in NYC.  It appeared on Gennett 4859, Starr-Gennett 9234, and Cardinal 508. 

1927: Hattie Garland recorded “Strange Woman’s Dream” in Chicago.” The recording appeared on Black Patti 8005. It featured Hattie Garland (vox), Maynard King (as), and William Pearson (p). 

1928: Ruby Green’s Manhattan Madcaps recorded “Sentimental Baby” in NYC.  It appeared on Gennett 6428, Champion 15475 (657 copies sold), Bell 597, and Silvertone 8061 and featured Al Lynch (v). Carl Fenton and his Orchestra used “Ruby Green’s Manhattan Madcaps” as a pseudonym.  

1930: Dick Coy and his Racketeers recorded “Eleven-Thirty Saturday Night” in Richmond.  It appeared on Gennett 7175 and Champion 15977 (3,064 copies sold) and featured Jimmy McPoland (v). 

1934: Alphonse Trent and his Orchestra recorded “Clementine” in Richmond.  It appeared on Champion 16587 (53 copies sold) and featured Peanuts Holland (v & tp), Chester Clark and Harry Edison (tp), Snub Moseley and Gus Wilson (tb), James Jeter and either Chester or Charles Pillars (as/cl), Hayes Pillars and Lee Hilliard (ts), Eugene Crooke (g), Robert ‘Eppie’ Jackson (bs), Eugene Crooke (bjo), Anderson Lacy (f), and A. G. Godley (d). 

1936: Jimmie Gordon recorded “Little Red Dress (Mary Usta Wear)” in Chicago.  It appeared on Champion 50075 and Decca 7301 and featured Gordon (v) and Chuck Segar (pn). 

1957: Carson Robison passed away. He recorded dozens of sides for Gennett including “Oh Dem Golden Slippers” with Vernon Dalhart on 5/17/1928 in NYC. It appeared on Gennett 6512, Champion 15567 and 33005, Silvertone 8143, & Supertone 9230. William Carlino played banjo. 

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