November 21 in Gennett History…

1904: Happy 118th Birthday Coleman Hawkins! Coleman Hawkins, a Gennett Walk of Fame inductee, was born on 11/21/1904. He recorded ‘When Spring Comes Peeping Through’ with Fletcher Henderson’s Orchestra in NYC on March 26, 1926. It appeared on Gennett 3285. The track featured Russell Smith, Joe Smith, and Rex Stewart (c), Charlie Green (tb), Buster Bailey, Don Redman, and Coleman Hawkins (sax/cl), Fletcher Henderson (p), Ralph Escudero (bs), Charlie Dixon (bjo), and Kaiser Marshall (d). 

1923: Velez y su Orquesta recorded “Gigolette La Danza Della Libellule” in NYC. This recording appeared on Gennett I – 5474. 

1927: Willie Jones and His Blue Five recorded “Michigan Stomp” in Richmond.  It appeared on Gennett 6326 and Champion 15455 (~1,100 copies sold) and featured Ed White & Ted Shame (tpt), Leonard Gay, V. Bassett, & S. Richardson (sax/cl), H. Sheldon (pn), C. Peterson (bs), W. Warfield (bjo), and Willie Jones (d).  An interesting note, on the recording card the word “Race” is crossed out and “White” written above it.  

1930: Bill Cox, a/k/a Luke Baldwin, recorded “Got Them Drunken Blues” in Richmond.  It appeared on Champion 16186 (2,740 copies sold) and Superior 2636 and featured Cox (v, g, & h). 

1930: Paul’s Novelty Orchestra recorded “Nine Miles from Ten-Ten Tennessee” in NYC.  It appeared on Champion 16132 (499 copies sold) and Superior 2592 and featured Frank Luther (vox).  

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