November 22 in Gennett History…

1899: Happy 123rd Birthday, Hoagy Carmichael! Carmichael, a Gennett Walk of Fame inductee, was born on 11/22/1899. Hitch’s Happy Harmonists, one of his first recordings, recorded ‘Boneyard Shuffle’ in Richmond on May 19, 1925. It featured Carmichael (p), Fred Rollison (c), Jerry Bump (tb), Dewey Neal & Harry Wright (sax), Maurice Mays (bjo) and Earl McDonell (d). It appeared on Gennett 3066 and Buddy 8042. 

1924: Ross Reynolds Palais Garden Orchestra recorded “Creole” in Richmond.  It appeared on Gennett 3046 & 5611 and Buddy 8005 although the ledger indicated these were personal recordings. 

1928: The Sound Effects Team recorded “Gun Shots (Automatic Pistol) (10 Shots)” in Richmond.  It appeared on Gennett Sound Effects 1007 and Gennett Sound Effects (Theater) 0-154. 

1935: Eddy-Reilly and their “Onyx Club Boys” recorded four sides in NYC. They were released on Champion 40066 and Champion 40067. The titles were “I’d Rather Listen To Your Eyes,” “I’d Love To Take Orders From You,” “Here’s To Romance,” and “At Your Service, Madame.” These four recordings featured Wayne Gregg (v), Eddie Farley (c), Mike Riley (tb), Frank Langone (cl), Conrad Langone (p), Arthur Ens (g), and George Yorke (bs). 

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