May 18 in Gennett History…

1923: Ladd’s Black Aces recorded “Sittin’ on the Inside, Lookin’ at the Outside (Waitin’ for the Evening Mail)” in NYC. It appeared on Gennett 5164, Starr-Gennett 9398, and Apex 424. The recording featured Ernest Hare (v), Phil Napoleon (c), Charlie Panelli (tb), Jimmy Lytell (cl), Frank Signorelli (p), and Jack Roth (d). 

1927: Katherine Baker recorded “Money Woman Blues” in Richmond.  It appeared on Gennett 6228, Champion 15417 (~1,500 copies sold), Silvertone 5133, and Herwin 92037 and featured Baker (v), James Johnson (pn), and either Henry Moon or George Thomas (g). 

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