March 19 in Gennett History…

1860: Happy 163rd Birthday to William Jennings Bryan! (3/19/1860). This former Presidential candidate and Secretary of State under Woodrow Wilson recorded several sides in Gennett’s studio including a recreation of his famous “Cross of Gold Speech.” He recorded “The 23rd Psalm” in the Gennett Studios on July 3, 1923, with the String Quartette from Hotel Gibson Orchestra (Justin Huber). It appeared on Gennett 5226 (Christmas Greetings), Gennett 20090, Gennett Historical 12, Gospel Trumpet 200, Silvertone 4025, Starr – Gennett 9491, and Apex 387.  

1927: Tommy Dundurand & his Gang of WLS recorded “Haste to the Wedding” in Chicago. It appeared on Gennett 6088, Champion 15354 (~5,000 copies sold), Silvertone 5014, 8125, & 25014, Supertone 9158, and Herwin 75547 and featured Ed Goodreau (v), Chubby Parker (? Bjo), Tommy Dandurand (f), and Rube Tronson (? f). 

1931: The State Street Ramblers recorded “Georgia Grind” in Richmond. It appeared on Superior 2648, Champion 16279, Champion 40009, HJCA HC-71, XX 15, and JC L-47. The band consisted of Alfred Bell (vox, kazoo, and washboard), Roy Palmer (tb), Darnell Howard (sax), Jimmy Blythe (p), and Ed Hudson (bjo). 

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