March 15 in Gennett History…

1907: Happy 116th Birthday, Jimmy McPartland! (3/15/1907). He recorded “Prince of Wails” with the Wolverine Orchestra on cornet on 12/12/1924. It appeared on Gennett 5620, Starr-Gennett 9611, and Tempo R-24. 

1929: Fiddling Doc Roberts and Asa Martin recorded “Jacks Creek Waltz” in Richmond.  The recording appeared on Gennett 7017, Champion 15749, Champion 45142, Decca 5444, and Montgomery Ward 8039.  Champion 15749 sold over 10,000 copies between 1929 and 1932. 

1929: Fiddling Doc Roberts recorded “The Devil in Georgia” in Richmond.  It appeared on Gennett 6942, Champion 15788 (9,964 copies sold), and Supertone 9390 and featured Roberts (f) and Asa Martin (g). 

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