January 19 in Gennett History…

1923: Bailey’s Lucky Seven recorded “Apple Sauce” in NYC. It appeared on Gennett 5030. The track featured Phil Napoleon (?) (c), Charlie Panelli (tb), Benny Krueger & and unknown (sax), Jimmy Lytell (cl), Nick Lucas (bjo), and Jack Roth (d). 

1925: Hitch’s Happy Harmonists recorded “Cataract Rag Blues” in Richmond. It appeared on Gennett 5633 and featured Fred Roll-on (tpt), Jerry Bump (tb), Dewey Neal (bs), Harry Wright (cl), Curtis Hitch (pn), Maurice Mays (bjo), and Earl McDonell (d). 

1929: Freeman Stowers recorded “Railroad Blues” in Richmond.  It appeared on Gennett 6814, Champion 15837 (~4,200 copies sold), Supertone 9393 & 9430 and featured Stowers (v & h).  

1929: Virginia Lee recorded “I’d Rather Be Blue Over You” in Richmond.  It appeared on Gennett 6743, Champion 15663 (~700 copies sold), and Supertone 9348 and featured Lee (vox) with Andy Mansfield and his Orchestra.  

1933: Jess Hillard recorded “Mississippi Moon” in Richmond.  It appeared on Champion 16564 and featured Hillard (v & g).  

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