January 16 in Gennett History..

1924: Bailey’s Lucky Seven recorded “Lovey Come Back” in NYC.  It appeared on Gennett 5363 and Starr-Gennett 9502 and featured Phil Napoleon & Earl Oliver (tpt), Miff Mole (tb), Frank Signorelli (pn), and Jack Roth (d).

1931: Asa Martin recorded “My Cabin Home Among the Hills” in Richmond.  It appeared on Champion S-16769 and 45067 and featured Martin (g & v) and Ed M. Lewis (aharp).  

1932: Tommie Bradley recorded “Window Pane Blues” in Richmond. It appeared on Champion S – 16696 and Varsity 6054. The recording features Tommie Bradley (v and g), James Cole (f), Eddie Dimmit (md), and an unknown washboard player. 

1932: Buster Johnson recorded “Undertaker Blues” in Richmond.  It appeared on Champion S-16718 and Varsity 6031 and featured Johnson (v & g), Tommie Johnson (g), James Cole (f), Eddie Dimmitt (?) (md). 

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