February 12th in Gennett History…

1929: King Mutt and His Tennessee Thumpers recorded “Maxwell Street Stomp” in Richmond. It appeared on Gennett 6796, Champion 15696, Champion 40043, Creole 5, Supertone 9431, Vocalion V-1035, and XX 2. The track featured Punch Miller (c), George James (as), King Mutt ? (cl), Jimmy Blythe ? (p), Willie Baker ? (g), Tommy Taylor (d).  


1967: Muggsy Spanier passed away. He recorded “Hot Mittens” with The Bucktown Five in Richmond on 2/25/1924. It appeared on Gennett 5518, Claxtonola 40353, Tempo R-1, and Temple 544. The recording featured Muggsy Spanier (c), Guy Carey (tb), Volly de Faut (cl), Mel Stitzel (p), and Marvin Saxbe (gtr/bjo). 

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