February 5th in Gennett History…

Ernest and Hattie Stoneman’s Gennett Walk of Fame Medallion

February 5th in Gennett History, 1927: Ernest Stoneman recorded “Kenney Wagner’s Surrender” in NYC. It appeared on Silvertone 5004, Silvertone 25004, Gennett 6044, Champion 15222, and Herwin 75535. The Champion royalty ledger noted to Ernest Stoneman sales of 12,368 copies between 1927 and 1931. 


Georgia Tom Dorsey Gennett Walk of Fame Medallion

1930: Georgia Tom Dorsey recorded six sides in Richmond, most of them released under the pseudonym ‘Smokehouse Charlie.’ In addition to Dorsey’s vocals and guitar, these tracks feature Scrapper Blackwell on guitar. The recording of “Maybe It’s the Blues” was released on Champion 15994 and Champion 50054. Performer royalties sent to Thomas Dorsey, noted sales of approx. 1,400 copies between 1930 and 1932 of Champion 15994 and 207 copies of Champion 50054 for the period ending 9/30/36. 

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