December 5th in Gennett History…

Just 20 days ’til Christmas and Silent Film Star Shirley Mason lets you know about “Christmas in Hollywood” from the Christmas Greeting series, Gennett 5237. It was recorded on August 11, 1923. 


1928: Alphonso Trent and His Orchestra recorded “Black And Blue Rhapsody” in Richmond. It appeared on Gennett 6710, Champion 15656, and Supertone 9487. Champion 15656 (pseudonym Deacon Foster and His boys) sold approx 400 copies in 1929. This recording featured Chester Clark & Irving Randolph (c), Leo ‘Snub’ Moseley (tb), James Jeter, Charles Pillars, Lee Hilliard & Hayes Pillars (sax), Alphonse Trent (p), Eugene Crooke (gtr/bjo), Robert “Eppie” Jackson (bs), Leo “Stuff” Smith (vn), and A.G. Godley (d).  Listen here.


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