December 4th in Gennett History…

1922: C. A. Nichols supervised the recording of the Gennett Physical Records (5031 & 5032) in NYC.  Here I play the B side of Gennett 5031on my portable Starr phonograph.  C. A. Nichols leads the listener on exercises 3 & 4.  A 1923 catalog lists the Physical Culture set at $2.75.  


1924: The Wolverine Orchestra recorded ‘When My Sugar Walks Down the Street’ in NYC. It appeared on Gennett 5620, Starr-Gennett 9611, and Tempo R-24. This recording featured Dave Harmon (v), Jimmy McPartland (c), George Brunies (tb), Jimmy Hartwell & George Johnson (sax), Dick Voynow (p), Min Leinbrook (bs), Bob Gillette (bjo) and Vic Moore (d). Bix Beiderbecke is not on this recording. 

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