November 14th in Gennett History…

1850: Happy 168th Birthday, Jesse Walter Fewkes! Fewkes was born on Nov. 14, 1850 and became a leading archeologist of the American Southwest. Fewkes was also a renowned field recordist with the Smithsonian. He supervised the recording of the Hopi Indians in Arizona on 6/2/1926. “Bean Harvest (PowamuKatcina)” by Honyi (Head of Antelope Priesthood, Walpi Tribe) appeared on Gennett 5758. 


1989: Wild Bill Davison passed away. He recorded with the Chubb-Stenberg Orchestra in Richmond in 1925. Gennett set up demonstration recording / broadcasting studio at the Cincinnati Radio Show in March 1925 and had the Chubb-Steinberg Orchestra record “Because They All Love You” for the audience. Gennett had been begun recording in Cincinnati the previous year, in a makeshift studio housed in the Starr Piano Company store. Chubb-Steinberg’s “Because They All Love You” was issued (Gennett 5663 and Claxtonola 40421), and the Gennett label states, “Played – Recorded – Broadcast at the Cincinnati Radio Show,” though the recording on the record was later done in the Richmond studio. 

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