October 27th in Gennett History,

1921: The Syncopating Five recorded “Lips” in Richmond. The recording appeared on a plain white Gennett Personal label and was made for the Wallace Music Co. in Marion, Indiana. The recording featured Vernon “Mutt” Hayes (cl/as), Russell Stubbs (p), Herb Hayworth (bjo), Fritz Morris (f), and Dusty Roads (d). 


1925: Flash Miller’s Orchestra recorded “Whoopee” in NYC.  The recording appeared on Gennett 3186, Aco G-16009, Beltona 947, Coliseum 1869, Duophone B-5132, and Guardsman 1876. The recording featured singer Arthur Fields. 


1930: James Cole’s Washboard Four recorded “Sweet Lizzie” in Richmond.  It appeared on Champion 16150 and Champion 40047 and featured Tommy Bradley (gtr), James Cole (f), and Eddie Dimmitt (mdn).  The 16150 issue sold 495 copies in 1930.

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