September 23rd in Gennett History…

1927: Walter Anderson and His Golden Pheasant Hoodlums recorded “The Torch” in St. Paul, Minnesota. It appeared on Gennett 6266, Gennett 20274, and Electron 5090. The Gennett recording ledger listed the artist as Chas. Forsythe & James Kelly (Acc. Walter Anderson and His Golden Pheasant Hoodlums).


September 23rd in Gennett History, 1944: Joe Davis announced the licensing and relaunch of the Gennett name in Billboard magazine.  He recorded new sides new works by the 5 Red Caps, Savannah Churchill, Gabriel Brown, and Walter Thomas and His Jump Cats, which featured Ben Webster and Oscar Pettiford on a redesigned label.

Joe Davis 1944 Gennett Ad

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