April 12th in Gennett History…

1867: Happy 151st Birthday, Daddy Stovepipe! (4/12/1867). Sam Jones, aka Daddy Stovepipe, recorded “Sundown Blues” on 5/10/1924 in Richmond. It appeared on Gennett 5459, Silvertone 4042, and Claxtonola 40335. 


1892: Happy 126th Birthday, Johnny Dodds! (4/12/1892). Clarinetist, Johnny Dodds recorded with King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band on the Gennett label in 1923 and the State Street Ramblers in 1927. The State Street Ramblers’ “Cootie Stomp” appeared on Gennett 6232 and featured Natty Dominique (c), Johnny Dodds (cl), Jimmy Blythe (p). It was recorded on 8/12/1927 in Chicago. 


1927: Big Boy Cleveland recorded “Quill Blues” in either Chicago or Richmond.  The recording appeared on Gennett 6108 and Longer “Big Boy” Cleveland played a quill/syrinx.  

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2 Responses to April 12th in Gennett History…

  1. Tony Russell says:

    The picture attached to the Daddy Stovepipe item is of Blind Willie McTell. D. S. appears in the video around 0.28.

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