December 6th in Gennett History…

Sometime in December in Gennett History, 1919: The Gennett Orchestra recorded “Me-Ow One Step” sometime in 1919. It appeared on Gennett 4511 – one of the first Gennett Laterals released in 1920. The patent to all lateral discs and recording expired in Fred Gennett’s opinion on 12/10/1919 with the Jones / Columbia patent. 


1924: The Rev. J.M. Gates and His Congregation recorded “I Know I Got Religion” in NYC. It appeared on Black Patti 8016, Champion 15223, Gennett 6034, Herwin 92005, and Silvertone 5020. The Champion issue sold 3,168 copies in 1927 and 1928. Amen.

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