The Center for Pop Music Saves My Broken Gennett 20007

The Center for Popular Music​’s Martin Fisher doing his 78 alchemy on my two broken Gennetts (one broke in the mail, the other when I was lifting it off the turntable). You can hear his restoration of Gennett 20007 by Professor Haines’ “Sunrise and You.” He recorded it on 6/21/1923 in Richmond, Indiana.

Center for Pop Music Restoration of my two broken Gennetts

Center for Pop Music Restoration of my two broken Gennetts

From the CPM’s Facebook post:”If you’re like me, when you see a cracked 78 rpm record at a flea market, you figure it’s worthless. Well, the CPM’s audio expert Martin Fisher says that’s not necessarily so. He glues them back together and plays them. Here’s a photo of a cracked Gennett record, next to a similar Gennett record that Martin glued together. Elmer’s Glue-All works well because it’s elastic and can be undone if necessary. Martin points out there are tricks of the trade, though; you can’t just add glue and push the pieces together. If you’re going to try this, give Martin a call and he’ll help. Click on the link below to hear a selection from the below-pictured repaired “Sunrise and You” sung by Professor Haines. The first 22 seconds is a “straight” recording (without any sound editing) and the remaining 29 seconds is after Martin does some of his magic to take away most of the pops without compromising the music.”


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